Gross Motor Play


It is natural for young children to be in motion and to derive a great deal of pleasure from doing so. As they move, they develop strength, coordination, body awareness, self-control and confidence. Young children master motor skills that will provide the foundation for all future movement and exercise. They progress from simple movements to more complex tasks.  Students at the Little School are regularly provided a variety of experiences, activities, equipment and practice to master these skills. The children participate in gym class one to two times a week and have the opportunity to participate in after-school sport groups as well (see below).

After School Sports
Our school coach hosts several sports programs such as T-Ball, Soccer, Basketball and skill-building activities throughout the school year, both during dedicated classroom times and as part of our after school athletic offerings. Both co-ed and dedicated girls’ sports clinics are offered. Activities begin at 2:45 p.m. and applications are available in the office and on our web site prior to each season.



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