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KBLS Campus Security

At KBLS, ensuring the safety and security of our students as they learn and grow is paramount. Our facilities and our procedures meet the safety standards of  the New York State Office of Children and Family services as well as those of the NAEYC. Each door into the KBLS building has a closed-camera video system and intercom by which all visitors are identified and must be buzzed in. Only parents, approved caregivers or contacts on a family’s “Authorized List” are permitted to pick up students. Every classroom has a telephone and an intercom as well as emergency supplies.

Our play facilities, including playgrounds, outdoor play space and the gymnasium, are inspected annually by a certified playground safety inspector.  Our facilities are regularly reviewed for safety and maintenance.

Lastly, in tandem with physical security and facility safety standards, KBLS maintains computer and internet safety standards which are derived from federal and state statutory regulations (e.g., COPPA) as well as ‘digital citizenship’ standards. For example:

  • The Little School classroom computers only permit students to use our class-based software. There is no Internet access for our preschool students.
  • Computers at Kids’ B.A.S.E. utilize software to ensure that inappropriate language or imagery cannot be accessed. Files are not downloadable, so that malicious or inappropriate software cannot be downloaded and opened. These controls are set using Administrator access to ensure permissions cannot be altered without IT login information.

At KBLS we are aware that technology continues to rapidly evolve, and so does the need to evaluate safety. We regularly evaluate whether additional enhancements would further serve and protect our student community. If you have any thoughts or concerns on this subject, please feel free to contact either our Executive Director, Janice Barnes, or the Board of Trustees.

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