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Images_WatermelonPreparing and cooking food are *so* much more than just making something good to eat! Both are ideal activities in which to learn, involving all five senses, supporting multiple math and science concepts, and encouraging verbal practice. In addition, they afford wonderful experiences for children to learn to participate as part of a group and to work in partnership with their peers. Children are enthusiastic about cooking and feel a real sense of accomplishment and independence from it. Each of our classes has dedicated time to use the KBLS kitchens and prepare a snack or treat collaboratively.

At The Little School, children are encouraged to develop healthy eating habits and our cooking time offers yet another way to positively discuss and encourage healthful food choices. We talk about what we made, what went into it and why, taste/scent/appearance, etc.

The Little School serves healthy snacks and drinks throughout the day as well as a daily hot lunch (with a cold “not my favorite” alternative). Each month’s menu is planned in advance by our in-house chefs and kitchen staff. Together they dedicate significant time and effort to sourcing and prepping the freshest and healthiest choices.We prohibit the use of canned goods, and are constantly seeking to lessen exposure to GMOs, pesticide exposure, chemicals, HFCS and other unhealthful complicators. All fruits and vegetables are either fresh when in season or flash-frozen to preserve nutrient value. We strive to vary ingredients and especially format to expose children to as many tastes, shapes, and food types as practicable while still offering a hot, nutritious lunch that will be eaten.  Our menus are reviewed by a licensed nutritionist.

For some children, food allergies can cause serious, life threatening conditions.  To keep all of our children safe, Kids’ B.A.S.E. & The Little School aims to eliminate those foods that have been determined to cause allergic reactions in children. We will continue to require and enforce a strict peanut/nut-free policy to protect the children enrolled in our program.

Our menus are available at the sidebar of this website.

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