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Images_Literacy2Language Arts: Language Arts are fundamental to cognitive development and the successful expression of internal thoughts and feelings. Our language arts program for 3-year old students recognizes that children learn when they are active and involved in multi-sensory experiences. Language is not taught in isolation, but is integrated across the curriculum and throughout the day. Children are encouraged to describe their block structures, express their feelings in dramatics, verbally share their art work, label their science experiments, recite finger plays, and listen for comprehension at story time. The children begin identification of their own written name, the meaning of print, pretend writing and letter recognition begins.

With our 4s students, our language arts program quickly builds in September upon the foundation from the prior year so as to instill renewed classroom confidence in each child and foster a strong foundation for the developmental reading and writing prerequisites of elementary school education.  Students learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet and the sounds associated with each, to comprehend how letters combine to create words, develop a repertoire of sight words, and begin to grasp how words create sentences, how sentences create stories, the concept of “a book” and the use of written language to convey images and ideas and, ultimately, identification of the components of a story (e.g., beginning, middle, end).


Writing: The Little School recognizes writing as an emergent process that develops in conjunction with reading readiness. We gently yet steadily encourage the children to:

  • write the letters in their name
  • write stories through their drawings
  • write stories using inventive spelling
  • develop class books around a field trip, shared experience or a topic of class interest

Images_LiteracyCampus Library: The Little School has a small, comfortable room dedicated as a pre-school library. Teachers use the library on a regular basis for small group readings. Parents are encouraged to participate by taking small groups to the library for a special story time. This is a wonderful program and fun for children and parents alike and we encourage you to visit our small nook of books as well. It is a cozy spot to sit and relax for a bit with your child or children.


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